Test proxies using the Oculus Proxies Application

It is important to test your proxies to ensure you will have no issues with them on drop day. 


There are two methods to testing that we will go over. In this section, we will discuss the Oculus Proxies tester. 


Oculus Proxies Tester

The first method of testing will only work if you are on a Windows PC or if you run a server, as the Oculus Proxies tester is compatible with Windows only.  You can download the tester here.


If you would like this guide in video format, you can do so here



  • Download the proxy app above or here: https://oculusupdates.com/OculusProxiesSetup.exe
  • Sign in to the application. You will be prompted for a two-factor authentication code sent to your email. Simply type the code into the application and sign in
  • You are now ready to test your proxies 



The Oculus Proxies tester is very simple to set up. Once you have configured your proxies, Simply navigate to your proxy list and click copy to clipboard, as shown below: 




Now that you have your proxies copied to your clipboard,  within the tester, navigate to where it says proxy tester. 




Next, paste your list into the proxy tester and click test. 



You are now done testing your proxies. If they successfully test, then you may run them in your bot. 






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