Setting up Oculus Performance Residential Proxies

This setup guide shows you how to generate your Oculus Performance Residential Proxies.


If you haven't already purchased a plan, you can do so here.


First you will want to visit the order section for Residential Proxies


You may have to click on the Performance Tab. mceclip1.png


  1. On the right hand side under actions you will want to click the 3 dots and press Generate New Proxy.
  2. You will be brought to a Generate New Premium Proxies screen. This is where you generate your list of proxies.
  3. First you want to choose your country. There are 216 different locations you can generate from
    1. You can generate an unlimited amount of proxies. You are limited to generate 10,000 proxies at a time, but you can generate multiple times and save your list each time.
  4. After copying your list, you are good to post it into your bot!


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