What is the difference between ISP, Premium ISP, and Residential Proxies?

Oculus Proxies offers three different types of proxy plans. They are: 

  • Datacenter ISP Proxies
  • Premium Datacenter ISP Proxies
  • Oculus Network Performance Residential Proxies


Data Center ISP Proxies

Oculus Data Center ISP Proxes work very well on the following sites:

  • Shopify: When a Shopify site is not using any sort of bot protection. Specifically, for restocks, these proxies will perform well
  • Captcha harvesting: We recommend these plans for farming gmails and harvesting captchas 
  • Supreme monitoring: Although they may be banned at checkout due to the extensive bot protection Supreme now uses, they will work great to monitor. 


Premium DC ISP Proxies 

These are the highest quality DC ISP Proxies you can purchase. The proxies work great on the following sites:

  • Shopify: This plan works great on bot protection with hcaptcha and/or checkpoint captcha. However, we cannot guarantee them to work on Shopify proxy protection 
  • Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon: With retail botting ramping up, our proxies work great on these sites to assist you with purchasing many sought-after electronics, trading cards, and more. 
  • Supreme: Although we cannot guarantee checkout, they will work to monitor 


Oculus Network Residentials 

This plan is what you would want to use to combat bot and proxy protection. They work on the following sites: 

  • Footsites
  • Yeezy Supply 
  • Nike SNKRS 
  • Shopify bot and proxy protection (slow in nature however due to being residential)


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