Oculus Network Performance ISP (Extreme)

What is this plan?

The Oculus Network Performance ISP plan is an elite plan of our residential proxies. This will allow you to generate the ISP of your choice. The new plan is on the bottom of our residential page called Oculus Network Performance ISP. You can find the page here. 

What ISP providers can I generate proxies from?

You can generate proxies from the following ISP companies:

  • Verizon
  • Century Link 
  • ATT
  • Comcast 

How many IP's can I generate? 

You can generate as many IP's as you'd like in total. However, you are only able to generate 1000 at a time. This means you can generate 1000 from each ISP if you would like.  

I purchased the plan. How do I generate the proxies? 

Our user panel operates the same as our regular network performance plan. Simply select the ISP provider you wish to generate, the quantity of IP's you would like to generate, and then click the generate button. You can then either copy your proxies to your clipboard or download a text file containing them. Below is a picture to reference: 










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