What is the purpose of this?

If you are interested in using residentials for anything outside of specifically sneakers, we have a simple KYC (know your client) process that needs to be completed to ensure that you are really using them for trying to obtain limited release products. If you need residentials for Target/Walmart/BestBuy/Amazon/AMD/Microsoft - X BOX store/ anything outside of sneakers and Shopify -- you can sign up here via our partner program with Bright Data.


What do I write on the sign-up page? 

"Hello – I am looking to use US Based Residential IP addresses to access certain retail sites such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Microsoft that are currently restricted from the sneaker-reselling white list. I will be using these IPs with software automation to purchase retail products."


You can continue to the next step(s) after this. 


Please make sure to use your correct credentials. The sign-up page is safe. Please use your own email address, not a spam one or one created very recently. 




Do the proxies work on the above sites? 

Yes, they do work. Our partnership with BrightData offers the intention to provide working proxies on the retail sites mentioned above. The process is safe, quick, and easy. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us or them. 











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